Welcome to the New Marxbrüder

The New Marxbrüder at Frankfurt on the Main is an association for Historical European Martial Arts. It’s aim is to recreate the spirit of the historical fencing organisation.

The association provides a forum for all those who deal professionally or privately with historical European martial arts. The interest of the members is the research, reconstruction, and revival of historical European martial arts.

The association sees itself in the tradition of the Frankfurt historical fencers association of Marxbrüder, St. Marco and Lewenberg, with a regional focus in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

The association works as a transregional association of legal and natural persons. The association works in terms of non-profit.

The association is religiously and ideologically neutral. The objectives of the association are incompatible with any form of racism, religious or cultural intolerance

The Association’s purposes are realized especially through the measure called “master exam” with the aim of creating a public that vouches for minimum standards in the historical martial arts and criteria for testing the “Master of the New Marxbrüder at Frankfurt on the Main”. The club provides the framework for this.

As part of this measure is defined
• that the title is “Meister der Neuen Marxbrüder zu Frankfurt am Main ” (transferable to other languages);
• that no member of the Management Board may win this title, even if he undergoes the test trial basis;
• the examination regulations should be created in accordance with which the international community of Historical Fencing.